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@bladehildebrand racing against @jeffhoffman_47 & @gavin_harlien for that podium… Insta

@bladehildebrand racing against @jeffhoffman_47 & @gavin_harlien for that podium...



@bladehildebrand racing against @jeffhoffman_47 & @gavin_harlien for that podium at @roadamerica

#stadiumsupertrucks @toyotires



17 thoughts on “@bladehildebrand racing against @jeffhoffman_47 & @gavin_harlien for that podium… Insta

  1. @gavin_harlien getting a little greedy there haha

  2. The Hoff just gets shoved on the Grass twice .

  3. When do we get to see @madmaxgordon in a race?

  4. #47 got the short end of the draw on that lap, shoved to the outside and lost 2 positions. Good racing though.

  5. racing? or bumper cars?????

  6. Looks so sketchy and amazing at the same time!! More of this!!!

  7. When is @hailiedeegan gonna race one of these???

  8. #Goalz how do i get into this kinda racing???

  9. Some smooth operating there @bladehildebrand nice work brother

  10. That’s how you do that shit let fools take other fools out the way ????

  11. I swear these guys bump each other more than NASCAR drivers at Bristol

  12. Much better than NASCAR. Love it!

  13. I think @toyotires needs a new driver, let me know when and where to show up.

  14. When is Stadium Super BIKES with supermotos coming?

  15. Gas grass or ass nobody drives for free lol

  16. The understeer is insane! I guess they have to wait for throttle input because they don’t have enough hp for power-on oversteer to straighten it up on corner exit…

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