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(AUDIO ONLY) @robbygordon finished 25th today in Stage 2 of #dakar2019, and her… Insta

@robbygordon finished 25th today in Stage 2 of #dakar2019, and her...



@robbygordon finished 25th today in Stage 2 of #dakar2019, and here he explains the challenges #teamspeed faced (audio only)

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16 thoughts on “(AUDIO ONLY) @robbygordon finished 25th today in Stage 2 of #dakar2019, and her… Insta

  1. I’m confused, what happened?

  2. Total BS. That gets him every time [email protected]

  3. Why did they choose to compete in the car category instead of the sxs category? The cars have a huge advantage over them. They could have ran 1,2,3 in the sxs.

  4. So did everyone have speed zone or just some competitors? I’m confused by @robbygordon Robby’s explanation.

  5. So was there an issue with the car? That Speedcat can do 70+mph and get beyond 90mph for short burst no problem or worry about the belt.

  6. I not sure what happen maybe Robby or #toddromano can clear it up for us

  7. Please explain better why he was half throttle but other cars were passing him

  8. No. The reason he has to run half speed is because of wheel travel. He has more suspension so they limit speed where less travel cars can go faster.

  9. So is this a race or isn’t it? Drop the green flag and race to the checkered flag at every stage!
    All of these nit picky rules are ruining your rally’s credibility… @dakarrally

  10. @robbygordon =HUMMER …….siempre

  11. What a load of shit. ????

  12. It’s really simple. ASO loves RG because of the fans …. Simple, it’s Business. Flip side for RG is simple ASO doesn’t want RG to get competitive. IMO it’s that simple. ASO changes the rules to make it “more even” across the car section of race competitors. Call it what you want. JMO #gason

  13. I hate restrictions. Why don’t just give class rules and let the team race?

  14. Just another way for @dakarrally too pick the winner of the race

  15. Dakar has a lot of rules about cars entered in the race. If you have big travel they restrict speed. Also 4×2 is allowed to have bigger tires and allowed to go faster. I guess Robby is being restricted because of the design of his vehicle.

  16. Plain and simple if your not European you are a threat. So they place rule to make sure we can’t place. #Dakaryourafuckenjoke if you Europe are really bad ass life your pussy rules! WTF

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