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#rocmexico @raceofchampions practice. It’s a very technical track…. Insta

#rocmexico @raceofchampions practice. It's a very technical track....



#rocmexico @raceofchampions practice. It’s a very technical track.



14 thoughts on “#rocmexico @raceofchampions practice. It’s a very technical track…. Insta

  1. I like it!
    Looks very tight…needs jumps.

  2. So gonna role with those short walls and lack of wheel time… Should be great to watch!!

  3. going to be crazy

  4. How do you pass ????????

  5. Where’s the dirt…lol, good looking track layout.

  6. When the trucks are used in the ROC world drivers competition, there will be no jumps.

    In addition to our trucks being used in ROC competition, we will run a race on Saturday and Sunday with our regular SST drivers and the jumps will be used.
    You can watch LIVE at the SST Facebook page, 5:45pm/et on Saturday, 5:30pm/re on Sunday

  7. Love the echo from the autodromo

  8. @ssupertrucks the track looks very tight as in it will be a Bristol type of race. Not much room for passing with out rubbing?

  9. Don’t see to much room for side by side racing. …

  10. Come to Irwindale speedway

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