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Back from @gplongbeach – #stadiumsupertrucks… Insta

Back from @gplongbeach



Back from @gplongbeach




10 thoughts on “Back from @gplongbeach – #stadiumsupertrucks… Insta

  1. That’s a beautiful sight right there ????????

  2. The covered up one in top secret ????

  3. I need that job! I’ve been hauling brand new cars for over 8 years but that would be way more fun!

  4. New to sport so have a question why they all on one transporter dont they have team haulers

  5. Passed him in Amarillo

  6. @stylezlee77 The trucks are all owned by the series. They get transported all together between events.

  7. LBGP was the first time I was able to see SST live. Awesome time. Looking forward to seeing next year.

  8. I want to make one of those my daily

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