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Cars now available at… Insta

Cars now available at


Cars now available at



12 thoughts on “Cars now available at… Insta

  1. Spent way too much money on Xmas presents for everyone.. gonna have to wait till after the holidays on this.. I’m really excited to get one though!! I really hope you get to make a @mattmingay hot wheels one!! ????????

  2. I’m in Fullerton, can I pick it up at the shop?

  3. Just ordered one in each color ????

  4. Is the clear body for sale? I don’t see it on the site? ????????

  5. Yes clear body is available as well give us a few days and it will be there

  6. Available for pick up?

  7. Just ordered mine????????????

  8. Was going to order 2, but $40 shipping?! Yikes

  9. Is it a brushed motor? What turn motor is it?

  10. Cool I’m assuming it’s brushless with a lipo battery ? Also what interchangeable parts are available?

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