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Did Santa deliver any @madmaxgordon #speedrc cars today?… Insta

Did Santa deliver any @madmaxgordon #speedrc cars today?...


Did Santa deliver any @madmaxgordon #speedrc cars today?



22 thoughts on “Did Santa deliver any @madmaxgordon #speedrc cars today?… Insta

  1. Were waiting for ours maybe it will come tomorrow ????????

  2. Yes, can someone help me bind my transmitter to the car please

  3. ???? ours made it. Now off to Glamis to give it a go.

  4. We love ours. I need to get another one

  5. Lower a arms please.

  6. Sure did! I love this truck!!

  7. When I get back from Hawaii next month I want to come to the shop and buy one… well maybe 2… ???????? January 15th right?!

  8. We got ours! Signed too! Thank you very much, Merry Christmas! We will be ordering another!

  9. Anyone know how long you should let the battery charge for?

  10. Can we buy replacement parts?

  11. Need a front right wheel assembly and axle, anyway to get a replacement yet?

  12. The truck is awesome. What battery is it and how big can you safely go?

  13. Man I wish they sold these in my town… I need to add these to my speed energy drink r/c collection

  14. Didnt notice a little puddle in a dip down the street ???? shut off and hasn’t started up… would you be able to sell me the part that might of fried?

  15. I got mine in Christmas Day and used it for 10 min in my dessert next door to me and it seemed to disconnect from remote and I tried to reset it with red button to pair avian and same runs for like 30 sec and disconnect again, tried charging battery and same deal. Pretty bummed!

  16. Unfortunately no ???? but theyre awesome and will deffinately be ordering some!

  17. I have 3 doing the same thing. Worked for 10-15 minutes. Got the same charge the battery answer but no contact since. Looks like I got $600 of plastic for 10 minutes of [email protected] Gordon @speedrccars @el.chinola.ayon @thechadwalker12x

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