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Frontstretch flying at @roadamerica #stadiumsupertrucks… Insta

Frontstretch flying at @roadamerica #stadiumsupertrucks...



Frontstretch flying at @roadamerica #stadiumsupertrucks



24 thoughts on “Frontstretch flying at @roadamerica #stadiumsupertrucks… Insta

  1. Holy cow they are flying

  2. The sound of the engines is just amazing!!!!????????????

  3. We could do with some of this in the uk please…. I’d pay top dollar to watch this ????

  4. @weathertechraceway can we please get this

  5. Pretty sure this is from my phone ????

  6. @dgcamillo @tiagogcamillo se for pra correr, põe uns saltos e bora fazer curva em 3 rodas…..

  7. Loom at my video on purpose page of stadium super trucks at road America!

  8. @sarahjessica01 would die to see this live

  9. @jmfish81 @col.cupcake

  10. That’s the ultimate seat ????????

  11. I need one @thedeadchinadoll

  12. I wanna see this in person @dave356w @kevinenderb @z_mollyjoy

  13. Bummed there is no Long Beach Grand Prix. What other opportunities do SoCal fans have to watch a race?

  14. Are you fucking kidding me? How much do I need to pay for a ride along??!!

  15. How much effect does feathering the throttle or using the brakes, while airborne, have on the trajectories?

  16. This needs to happen in the uk @daz_1985

  17. @nickmatthews1988 state of this ????

  18. @georgeharizanov ????

  19. Sst is better than supercross @madisondc922

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