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The SPEED TOOLS UTV Case.  The last tool case you will ever need for your UTV or any other type of power sports vehicle.

Tool Box weight: 37 lbs

Tool Box Dimensions: 19"x9"x15"


Flat Tip Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Ratcheting Screwdriver
Valve Core Remover
1/4” drive driver
LED Flashlight
Utility Knife
Wire Brush
Black Sharpie
Ball Point Pen
Tape Measure
Metric Allen Keys
Inspection Mirror
Telescoping Magnet
Straight - 90deg Scribe/Pick

Side Cutters
Flush Cuts
Chanel Lock Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Adjustable Jaw Pliers
Mini Needle Nose Vise Grip
Mini Vise Grip
1/4” Drive 2” Ext
1/4” Drive 6” Ext
3/8” Drive 3” Ext
3/8” Drive 6” Ext
5/8 Spark Plug Socket

11” Drift Alignment Punch
3/8 Drive Ratchet
3/8 12pt Metric Sockets 6mm-19mm Shallow
3/8 12pt Metric Sockets 6mm-19mm Deep
3/8 Hex Sockets 4mm-10mm
3/8 Torx T25-T60 (8 pcs)
1/4 Metric Sockets 4mm-14mm
3/8 Universal Joint Socket
1/4 Universal Joint Socket
1/2 - 3/8 Adapter
3/8 - 1/4 Adapter

Metric Wrenches 6mm-19mm
Metric Ratcheting Wrenches 8mm-19mm
30mm 1/2 Drive Socket
Hammer Steel/Rubber Tip
12” Pry Bar

Open Slot for Primary Clutch Tool (Updated 1/20/2022 Sold Separately as the box is designed for all UTV manufacturers)